CloSYS Oral Spray

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CloSYS Oral Spray

The mildly peppermint flavored oral spray quickly refreshes the breath anytime and anywhere.

• Convenient size for pocket or purse.
• Alcohol free.
• Sugar free.
• Refreshing peppermint flavor.
• Non-aerosol pump.

The difference between CloSYS and other oral rinses is its ability to eliminate the harmful bacteria without discomfort or irritation.

• Non-burning, as gentle as water.
• pH balanced formula ideal for sensitive mouths.
• Reduces plaque and promotes oral wellness.
• Kills 99% of harmful bad breath bacteria within seconds

Closys products contain chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidising agent. This breaks down to release oxygen. Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria and destroys VSCs, unlike other mouth-washes that simply disguise a bad odour with a pleasant taste.