Toothbrush Hygiene

Opened White Toothbrush Sanitizer








PORTABLE UVC STERILISER CASE: Perfect for all occasions, simply put your electric or non - electric toothbrush in the holder and take it when you travel, go camping, in your purse, your suitcase or place it in the stand to use it on your bathroom countertop for a bacteria and virus free toothbrush.  

KILLS 99% OF BACTERIA AND VIRUSES : This UVC lamp can keep bacteria and viruses from your teeth, gums and toothbrushes, reducing contamination between toothbrushes for adults and kids toothbrushes. Bacteria and viruses on toothbrushes can rapidly multiply and can lead to other health problems such as heart disease, gut irritations and immune issues, to name a few.    

COMES WITH A USB RECHARGER AND STAND: a mini USB cable is supplied with the UVC toothbrush steriliser. Simply close the lid after you place your toothbrush in the plastic clasp, a blue light appears in the corner. If a red light appears in the corner, the device needs charging with the mini USB cable. Lasting 10 days or more on a single charge.  

ENERGY EFFICIENT: This UVC toothbrush steriliser takes only five minutes to sterilise your toothbrush. A single charge can last up to ten days or 20 cycles when sterilising your toothbrush twice a day for healthy teeth and gums and smile. :)    

YOUR UVC TOOTHBRUSH STERILISER COMES 100% RISK FREE: we have so much confidence in this single UVC steriliser toothbrush cover that it will exceed your expectations and that’s why we have offered you a 100% refund guarantee. For your piece of mind.