Complete Oral Cancer Care Kit

Included in this Kit is

1 x Toothbrush Sanitiser - available colors are White, Light Blue, Mint Green & Pink. The sanitiser will keep your toothbrush 99% free of bacteria & prevent the re-introduction of the bacteria. 

1 x BioMin Toothpaste - will help strengthen your teeth.

1 x Cloysy Spray - reduce odours & bacteria.

1 x Oral 7 Gel - assist with a dry mouth which is often a common side effect of chemotherapy & radiotherapy.

1 x Interdental brushes - wire-free rubber brushes that will remove plaque/bacteria from between your teeth & whilst feeling gentle on your gums.

1 x Floss Piks - remove plaque/bacteria from the contact points (the tight area between your teeth when you floss) of your teeth.

1 x Silicone Finger Toothbrush - extremely gentle brush to remove plaque/bacteria when your whole mouth is sensitive or painful during your treatment.